Hello, I'm Daniel Onstott and I am a gameplay and platform engineer!

I have always strived to create unique interactive experiences that inspire both the player and the development team. I studied computer science student at DigiPen Institute of Technology where I explored programming custom engines as well as working in commercial engines such as Unity and Unreal.

I have worked on a number of student games on both small and large teams. I have also distributed a game commercially on Steam. I have also worked extensively with artists, designers, and audio designers. Through this collaboration, I have gained a better understanding of the tools and pipelines that these other disciplines need. Recently, I have worked with AAA teams to port existing games to many platforms such as Android and iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch.

I have worked in C, C++, and C# on past projects.

Highlighted Works

Unity 3D Senior team of 6

Retail game, team of 4 with Unity

Solo Ground-up OpenGL C++ project